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Architecture Lighting

Betterway Lighting Co., Limited was founded in 2009, Since it inception has been focused on LED lighting product’s R&D , Production, Sales and Installation guidance as a set of integrated services.

After eight years of technology accumulation and experience precipitation, Standing in the LED Entertainment Lighting and Architecture Lighting market,specialized in High Quality Product , Product Customization, General Technical Support,OEM Services and Project Planning .

Always adhere to quality as the fundamental, Technology innovation as the driving force of development, Betterway Lighting has grown into an LED brands BW, our product and service are available worldwide,created many classic lighting project case, adapted to each country’s standards .

Focus on the spirit of enterprise,high quality light environment, lighting up the global. We take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to old clients for their great support and cooperation, at the same time expecting to new friend jointing us and setting up new business relationship based on mutual benefit. Choose LED Lighting,Choose Betterway .



2017 Betterway Lighting Co., Limited has moved to a new Building With the further enlargement of Betterway Lighting , our company moved from Lilai Industrial Park,Changping townto ChangLian Industrial Park,Changan Town, Factory area was expanding to 3500 square meters,The location has changed,But the contact number keep the same. Please refer to the information offered below: Location: Area B, 10th Floor, ChangLian Industrial Building,No.168 of Zhenan West Road,Xiabian District,Changan Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong, China

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