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  • MADRIX-LED Lighting Control Solutions

    MADRIX is a software used in creating and controlling special lighting effect. When you use MADRIX to control, you can have different combiantion

    of the lights and the more lights, the better the effect, even having 3D effect. Support DVI and DMX sginal. Compared to the effect programming of traditional DMX controller. MADRIX can stimulate visuallazation.The software have many effects and can be freely combined. Every effect is customizable, adjustable, even superimposable, enriching the effects. MADRIX can also be used in audio input control.The light effect can change with the music rhythm synchronously, making the lighting effect more dynamic.


    Support DMX512 or DVI

    Support ethernet Artnet

    Support remote-control, screen-touched control

    Support mobile equipment control (intelligent mobile phone, ipad)

    Support 2D, 3D effect

    Support Audio input control

    Support graphics rendering engine

    Support maximum 20 layers mixed mode

    Support Powerful script engine and Macro Toolworks

    Support storing 256*256 effects

    Support synchronous audio, speed, color, animation model, brightness, video superposition etc.

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