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    BW Player is the professional software for the control systems and broadcast of LED lighting project, It's powerful, easy to learn and use.it can supports almost all mainstream computer media files, such as video (avi/swf/rm/mpeg/mpg...)、Picture (JPG/Gif/Bmp/...) Documentation (Txt/word/excel/rtf/...)、also can support Foreign-language input and display  (Korean / Russian...)  and so on.

    Product  description:

    The output of BW Player using standard USITT DMX512/1990 universal agreement. The communication between the controller is by Ethernet interface and UDP network protocol, the transmission distance up to 100 meters.  100Hz refresh rate can guarantee screen more stable; 512 tricolor which it is independent brightness control, Can make precise adjustments easier and more efficient for white balance. The controller display module can display controller parameters, status timely. Dual network interfaces can be achieved between Cascade control; The controller automatically detects, the software can display the connection status intuitively. Hardware inverse gamma correction function, can be adapted to a variety of special-shaped screen, multi-screen, text screen, pixel light screen and other complex applications. Supports IP grouping, to achieve greater engineering stability of multiple controllers; Supports the optical transmission of fiber module converted, and support the transmission of wireless network or connection of wireless network bridge, very suitable for large-scale construction and bridge lighting project . Especially suitable for DMX512 and SPI protocol lighting fixtures.


    Architectural facade lighting, Bridge lighting, etc.It can achieve smooth playback controls on ordinary computers, also the basis of Ethernet can achieve same computer for control multiple displays.  Edit multiple playback windows on the same computer which it can save resources. Better support for external video and audio input.

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